Denver driver has gun pulled on him during morning commute to work

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DENVER — Greenwood Village Police are searching for the driver of a tan sedan who pulled a gun on another driver who was heading in to work just south of the Denver Tech Center area.

“It’s hard to talk about, but it was terrifying,” said Eric Anderson, who decided to share his story after hearing about recent shooting incidents.

Anderson was on his way to work last Monday morning (2/18) when an aggressive driver started following him. The incident was recorded on a 911 call.

911 OPERATOR: 911, what’s your emergency?
ANDERSON: Someone just pulled a gun on me while I was driving!

The driver, who was described as an African American man wearing a black hoodie in a tan sedan (around a 2005 model), followed Anderson south of Cherry Creek Drive and Bellevue Avenue.

“It was unbelievably shocking to me at how quickly this was triggered,” Anderson told FOX31.

Anderson isn’t sure what sparked the driver’s rage or what his intent was.

911 OPERATOR: And what kind of gun was it? Was it a handgun? A rifle?
ANDERSON: It was a handgun. A black handgun.

“[He] just kind of looked at me — and I don’t know if it was aggression or what — but it quickly went from him tailgating me in a hurry to him showing me a gun and pursuing me,” Anderson explained.

911 OPERATOR: And he never fired his gun, or anything?
ANDERSON: Yeah, he never fired his gun. His window was up.

Fortunately, the driver stopped following Anderson a few blocks later and took off. The 911 operator who took Anderson’s call assisted him and got him to a safe spot. Anderson said he was grateful for helping him through this terrifying situation.

“It affected me in ways I didn’t think it would,” Anderson said. “She helped keep me calm because I was worked up quite a bit while I was calling. I was in a frenzy”.

If you have any information regarding the suspect, you’re asked to call Greenwood Village Police at 303-773-2525.

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