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DENVER — Many downtown cyclists are frustrated that newly paved streets are not being repainted properly, leaving bike lanes in disarray.

“We commend the city for repaving the streets. We are just curious why there is such a long delay,” James Waddell of Bike Denver said.

Waddell pointed to Arapahoe Street in downtown Denver as an example. It was repaved over one month ago. However, the protected bike lane remains unmarked.

“As you can see, the cars aren’t sure where to park right now. They are blocking the bike lane,” Waddell said. “It’s like anything — when you give somebody something and take it away from them, it creates a confusing and dangerous situation.”

During his State of the City address, Mayor Michael Hancock announced the city would be building 125 new miles of bike lanes over the next five years.

Waddell said before new ones are built, old ones need to be properly maintained.

“We don’t want to go backwards before we go forwards,” Waddell said.

Hancock stressed patience.

“I will tell you we are in the summer months when our roads are being repaved and re-striped. Allow them some patience. They are going to get to them,” Hancock said.

UPDATE: Following our story Department of Public Works announced the following schedule for remarking the bike lanes. They also announced plans to short the time it takes to remark a  bike lane follow a paving 

Week of 7/22: Arapahoe Street, Speer to Park Ave (striping and bollards)

Week of 7/22: Stout Streets, 19th to Park Ave (striping and bollards)

Week of 7/29: Champa Street, Speer to Park Ave (striping and bollards)

Week of 7/29: Lawrence Street, Speer to Park Ave (striping and bollards)