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DENVER — Denver Comic Con will ban all prop weapons for 2017 because of security concerns, it was announced Thursday.

The move follows in the footsteps of other cons such as Baltimore Comic Con and New York Comic Con.

In particular, no realistic looking firearms will be allowed.

“The focus of the policy change is that no realistic firearms of any kind, regardless of material (metal, plastic, rubber, resin, wood, etc..) will be permitted,” the website said.

The Comic Con said the change in policy will make the jobs of their security officers easier, therefore creating a safer environment.

“The change in policy isn’t because we think our cosplayers are prone to violence,” the website said. “It’s because a hall full of prop firearms makes it difficult to discern threats from targets in the event of an actual shooting.”

The 2017 Denver Comic Con takes place June 30 to July 2 at the Colorado Convention Center. This year’s event drew more than 100,000 people.