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YUMA COUNTY, Colo. — A published author and comedian from Denver faces charges in the the murders of two women in Yuma County, Colorado.

The killings happened at 7328 County Rd. P in Kirk on Colorado’s eastern plains Monday. It’s about three hours east of Denver.

Tyler Withrow, 30,  was being held in the Yuma County Jail Wednesday.

Police say they found him at the home where they also found the bodies of the two women.

A 911 hang-up call at 10:35 a.m. Tuesday led sheriff’s deputies to the house.

Deputies found a gruesome scene and they say they arrested Withrow without incident. The identities of the women have not been released, but the Yuma County Sheriff says Withrow knew the victims.

Tyler Withrow is a Denver comedian who won second place in a 2010 local Toastmasters International contest for humorous speech.

He has published two eBooks on the Barnes and Noble website. In his autobiography for one of the eBooks he writes, “I am currently studying necromancy and hope to raise the dead to destroy the world as you know it, and rebuild it in my own image.”

Necromancy is a form of magic and communication with the dead.

In a move reserved only for sensitive cases, the judge in Yuma County sealed the case and issued a gag order. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is assisting the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation.

Withrow appeared in court Wednesday where he was advised of two charges of first degree murder with premeditiation.