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DENVER — The Denver City Council has voted to allow a new affordable housing complex to be built next to Sloan’s Lake.

The project is set to be built at the corner of West 17th Avenue and Newton Street. A rendering shows a basic idea of what the project could look like. The project will provide 160 affordable apartments and a 16-floor tower for condos. Most of those will be sold at market rate, but some would be set aside for affordable housing.

“The high-rise is helping to subsidize those of moderate and lower incomes, and it’s an incredible opportunity to do so in what we believe is a blueprint for the rest of Denver,” said David Zucker, the president of Zocalo Community Development.

Zucker says renters with qualifying incomes would pay between roughly $700 a month for a small apartment, up to $1,500 for a three bedroom unit.

That sounds great so some area residents.

“700 is affordable for people,” said Kenneth Lee, who lives nearby.

However, many others are opposed to the project.

“You see the need for affordable housing in Denver, but quite honestly, I don’t want to lose the beauty and integrity of my neighborhood by having that kind of traffic and that kind of building there,” said Connie Cox, who lives near the lake.

Zucker says he wants to work with the community and says there are still chances to impact the final project.

“The community has made the project better and will continue to. There will be lots of opportunities for the community to get involved and stay involved,” Zucker said.

Construction will begin in about two years. The affordable apartments will be completed first. Applications will be taken about a year before the building opens.