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Thousands of children in the United States have vision challenges and many are born with a detectable hearing loss in one or both ears. That’s why Richard Rieman, the Fonder and CEO of the Nonprofit Imagination Videobooks make children’s illustrated books available to blind and deaf children.

Recently he created accessible Winnie the Pooh and now the organization’s next mission is to create “The Accessible Wizard of Oz” based on L Frank Baum’s 1900 book.

The video and audiobook versions feature an all-blink and low vision cast including Burce Horak who plas the blind alien on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Aria Mia Loberti, who stars in the upcoming Netflix series based on the Pulitzer Prize winning book “All the Lights We Cannot See”.

Imagination Storybooks is starting a fundraising campaign for 30 days to fund “The Accessible Wizard of OZ”, if you would like more information on the project or would like to donated to the kickstarter, please check out the attached link.