Dental expert advice on the best and worst candy for your teeth this Halloween


Skittles, Starburst, or Snickers? All three candies are part of Halloween fun but one is not like the others in the minds of oral health professionals. Boulder oral surgeon, Dr. Terry Nedbalski at Boulder Oral Surgery & Dental Implants shares is expert advice about the best and worst candy for your teeth.

According to Dr. Nedbalski, he say says timing is everything. He says to eat Halloween candy with meals or right after. That’s when saliva production increases and helps cancel out acids and rinse away food particles.

Texture also plays a factor as well. Limit hard candy that lingers in your mouth and it can also cause your teeth to break or crack. Avoid sticky candy that can attach to teeth for too long. Chocolate is by far the least harmful because it easily washes off.

Another advice, Dr. nedbalski says to not brush right away after eating candy. Brushing too soon can result in scrubbing away the protective enamel on your teeth that may have been temporarily softened by the candy.

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