Defense team in murder trial of Mark Redwine calls its first witnesses


DURANGO, Colo. (KDVR) — The defense called up its first witnesses Friday in the Mark Redwine trial in the death of his son. 

The judge started the morning telling defendant Mark Redwine he has the right to testify or not to testify, although his defense team’s last published witness list from May did not have his name on the list.

Friday, the defense started its case with Dr. Bruce Anderson, an expert in forensic anthropology. 

Retained and paid by the defense, Anderson examined several of Dylan’s bones in 2019, years after the bones were found.

“There are scratches and punctures and what I would call the signature of candid coyote or dog degradation,” Anderson told the court.

Anderson said it looks like Dylan’s skull was damaged by animals. However, with most of his skeleton missing, he says it’s difficult to determine when or how long after death the animals could have gotten hold of Dylan’s bones.

“There’s no reason to think that fracture has to be related to what caused that death. It could be, but there’s no face to tell us,” Anderson said. 

The next witness, Jerry Apker, worked for Colorado Parks and Wildlife for 38 years.

“Is it normal for a coyote to carry a bone a long distance?” he was asked.

“No but is it possible. It certainly is possible,” Apker said. 

Apker testified that he hasn’t been on the ground at the location where Dylan’s remains were found, but he testified about his extensive knowledge on animal behavior including coyotes.

Apker said he wouldn’t expect a coyote to pick up and carry a human skull in the terrain where Dylan’s remains were found. 

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