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DEER TRAIL, Colo. — The tiny community of Deer Trail on Colorado’s eastern plains is considering a a drone-hunting proposal that would make the area a bit of an attraction. As of Thursday morning, it was confirmed a vote on the measure will be held on Oct. 8.

Drones have only been associated with the military for several years. But now the unarmed versions are up for sale to the public.

While manufacturers are making money, the town of Deer Trail says they can do the same by selling permits to let people hunt and shoot down the drones that fly in the sky above.

The town’s citizens will get their chance to vote on the measure during the special election now scheduled for October 8. Voting will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

“This town would like to make a little money,” says Mayor Frank Fields. “I’d believe and I’m thinking we can take it off and make some money off of this.”

The mayor is candid–he knows the ideas seems crazy to some people. But he hopes by charging $25 for a permit, he’ll get his town the money it desperately needs.

“Let this town make a little money, otherwise it’s going to sit here and die.”

The proposal is not about a conspiracy theory. The mayor admits drones aren’t flying above his town now. Instead he envisions a festival where people will pay big money for the chance to do this 21st century hunting.

Not everyone in town is on board. “I think it’s crazy.” Many in the town think the idea is making the small farming community look like a national joke.

“If this was such a great idea why haven’t you heard of any other little town across the United States saying this is a great idea, let’s do it. We’ll make money, too,” one resident says.

The drone-hunting issue was debate during a town council meeting Tuesday night. The council tied on whether to move forward with it. So, it will go to a vote of the people in a special election.