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This is a police training video for what is called an “active shooter situation,” where a gunman is inside of a school.

Tom Russel is a master trainer for the American Firearms Academy. He’s conducted hundreds of sessions like this, but he believes the best line of defense in a crisis like the one that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday could be the teachers.

“If the teachers are armed and trained, they can directly engage the threat and bring it under control immediately,” Russel said.  

Nancy Mccarron from Cease Fire Colorado disagrees. The group favors more gun control in light of school shootings and Mccarron says arming teachers would be a big mistake

“When you think of the activity inside of the classroom, to have to be worried about a weapon is just frightening to imagine,” Mccarron said. She believes there is no safe way to keep a gun in any classroom.

But in light of the tragedy in Connecticut, some gun advocates are already calling for states to consider such a move, and are demanding action to stop the violence.

Russel also said he doesn’t believe every teacher in every classroom needs to be armed, but all it would take is one teacher on each floor with the proper training.