Investigation continues after Confederate flag allegedly displayed at high school football game

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DENVER — School officials are investigating an incident that might have happened at a high school football game on Friday night.

Some people say they saw a Confederate flag raised in the stands during the game between Weld Central and Manual high schools.

Manual principal Nick Dawkins sent a letter to parents on Saturday, notifying them of the alleged incident.

Weld County school officials said they found no evidence of the flag being displayed. Officials said they reviewed footage of the game.

Monday’s junior varsity football game between the schools has been canceled.

Manual players and parents said the flag was raised for a period of time during the game before a parent asked that person to leave.

“It was a quick display,” former student body president Tay Anderson said. “Just one big drape and then as soon as it happened, a parent was reactionary and went over there without confronting anybody just letting them know this is not welcomed here.

“And the people that had the flag were very receptive and put it in their hoodie pouch and walked out of the stadium.”

Several players were injured during the game and it was called early.

“Why here? This is just a football game,” Manual quarterback Tayvon Toliver said. “There’s really no point to show to show you feel about a certain race or a certain ethnicity on a football field.”

Weld Central has a Confederate-themed mascot that has stirred controversy in the past.

Parents from Weld Central said they never saw a Confederate flag displayed during the game.

“I did not see any rebel flag anywhere,” said Stephanie Fleming, whose son plays for Weld Central. “No Confederate flag. Nor racism coming out of anybody’s mouth.”

“If there was anything like that, somebody would have said something,” said Roger Heinz, whose grandson plays for Weld Central.

No pictures or video caught the incident. But Toliver said racial slurs were hurled during the game.

“I’m African American. I play on their team. I don’t use those kinds of words. Our coaches would surely put you on the bench … and you’re kicked off the team if you want to use any kind of racial slurs,” Weld Central player Devante Fleming said.

School officials will decide what their next steps will be on Monday.


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