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AURORA, Colo. — A sickening surprise has some Arapahoe County residents concerned.

Close to a dozen homeowners in the Greenfield subdivision have found decapitated rabbits on their doorsteps in recent days.

“It’s definitely a bit creepy. It’s right in front of the door,” said Andrew Scharlott, one of the homeowners who made the find.

Residents aren’t sure who or what is leaving the mutilated animal carcasses. They hope it’s an animal.

“I hope it’s an animal because I don’t want to think someone would be doing this as a prank. If it is someone trying to send a message or something, I hope that person gets help,” resident Mike McCuen said.

“There can’t be that many cats running around to that many houses,” added resident Carrie Murphy.

Most of the homeowners didn’t realize it was happening to their neighbors. Several people throughout the subdivision reported similar encounters on the social media site Nextdoor.

They say they will be vigilant, hoping to catch “who” or “what” is behind it.

“It does seem like a bizarre coincidence. At this point, I feel it was intentionally placed rather than just randomly placed by some animal,” resident Crystal Scharlott said.

Anyone who sees suspicious activity in the neighborhood should contact the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.