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DENVER — Three reports totaling more than 1,000 pages focused on the Arapahoe High School shooting were released this week.

They highlight several failures of the school system that experts said could have prevented the 2013 shooting and killing of 17-year-old Claire Davis.

Some of the failures include unlocked doors, not enough cameras and the inability of staff to properly diagnose the shooter as a real threat.

On Friday, Davis’ father testified in front of Colorado’s School Safety and Youth Crisis Committee. Davis’ mother is a member of the committee.

“This process is no longer about our precious daughter Claire,” Michael Davis said. “This is about the next student in crisis who is on the brink of hurting himself or others.”

He challenged lawmakers to enact more changes, including training staff better to determine when students are real threats.

“Now is the time for public school students across the state to let their voice be heard,” Davis said.

Davis’ family attorney Michael Roche said Friday was a “call to action” for lawmakers.

It is unclear if any new legislation will be brought up during this session. Last year, the General Assembly passed the Claire Davis Act, which makes schools liable for violence.