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THORNTON, Colo.– Ambyr Carolus has been on edge for more than three months straight. Her mother, Terri Ackerman, has been missing since late August, and now she fears the worst.

“She wasn’t here for Thanksgiving, for my daughter’s or my son’s birthday,” Carolus said. “I just really really want someone to come forward and let us know something. People do go missing, but four months now, and no one has made contact and she hasn’t taken any of her money or nothing? Something isn’t right.”

The family put up flyers and helped police search the area around Ackerman’s Lochbuie home, where she was last seen. Frustrated, Carolus says her mom’s case may have been overshadowed by one of the biggest cases in Colorado, breaking just two weeks before Ackerman vanished.

“That had a lot of media focus on the Shannan Watts case and it just I think kind of bypassed what was going on with my mom,” Carolus said.

Lochbuie Police Chief Tracey McCoy says the Watts case had no impact on his department’s investigation. But with no new leads, Carolus feels more needs to be done.

“I feel like the resources aren’t being reached out enough,” Carolus said.

Chief McCoy says they worked with other agencies during the search, and the State Bureau of Investigation has been involved since day one. They’ve also been collaborating with the Weld County Sheriff, to develop new leads. But Carolus says neither herself or her brother have been asked to give DNA samples, saying that should be done if they want to check with the Namus database used by Medical Examiners.

Anyone with information about Ackerman’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Lochbuie Police Department at (303) 659-1395