DENVER (KDVR) — Policies are continuing to respond to some of the lowest-ever Colorado COVID numbers.

Denver International Airport’s security will no longer enforce masking requirements at the airport, marking the first time since the pandemic started that passengers can fly with exposed faces. Meanwhile, Colorado’s RTD has eliminated mask requirements on all public transit vehicles.

The most relevant COVID numbers are still at all-time lows. When the omicron variant was rampant in late 2021 and early 2022, federal and state health officials said case numbers were no longer a reliable gauge of public danger given the variant’s mildness.

Nationally, COVID cases are near an all-time low number, but they are gently rising. There are an average of 35,000 new cases per day, which is up 10,000 from April 1 but still matching low points from the summers of 2020 and 2021.

The number of deaths nationally continues to fall despite the slight upward trend in cases. There were an average 373 deaths per day among COVID-positive patients on April 18, down 170 per day from April 1.

In Colorado, cases have risen 185 per day from a low point in late March. There are now 487 per day, on average.

Hospitalizations have not risen in response. The average number of COVID-positive patients admitted to Colorado hospitals is at an all-time low of 15 per day.

The number of COVID-positive patients in hospital beds, too, is at an all-time low, with 77 such patients statewide as of April 12.

Colorado’s deaths from COVID are at their lowest point, as well. There were 0.6 deaths per day on average as of April 13.