DENVER (KDVR) — The post-COVID Colorado household profile is one with recent arrivals of high-paying jobs and deep pockets, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data.

Colorado was one of the nation’s most moved-to states through the 2010s, and as of 2021, it was one of the states with the highest share of recent non-local residents, according to the American Community Survey.

Among U.S. states, it has the highest share of occupied housing units that were moved into in 2019 or later. It had the sixth-highest share of people who lived in a different state in the past year.

Colorado’s new household profile is more well-to-do than most states.

The Centennial State now has some of the nation’s highest income levels.

It ranks seventh in the U.S. for the median family income, which was $102,073 in 2021. It is one of only nine states with a median family income of over $100,000, ranking just below Washington and above Hawaii. It ranks ninth-highest for household income, one of only 10 states where this exceeds $80,000.

The high income is explainable considering the state’s high concentration of high-income jobs.

Colorado is chock full of high-value workers.

It has the nation’s fifth-highest share of computer, engineering and science occupations with 9.5% of private civilian workers over the age of 16 working in these jobs. It has 2.5% of its workforce in information jobs – also the fifth-highest share in the U.S.

It has the fourth-highest share of workers in management, business and finance. One in five (20.1%) Colorado workers are in these jobs.