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DENVER (KDVR) — Seven shootings in a weekend is common in the Denver metro.

The Aurora, Commerce City and Denver police departments responded to seven separate shooting incidents over the weekend of March 11-12. Eleven people were injured and one was killed.

The number of shootings over the weekend is not special, according to Colorado Bureau of Investigation data. There were over a dozen shootings a day in the same four counties through 2022.

The shootings took place across Adams, Arapahoe, Denver and Jefferson counties.

The number of firearm-related murders and aggravated assaults on a daily basis from these counties combined varied widely during 2022. At most, there were 40 a day on days in February, March and April. At the least, there were as few as two per day.

On average, however, there were 16 shootings (murders and aggravated assaults) a day for the entire year. On a weekly basis, there were at least nine. The weekly rolling average, which encompasses a single week, ranged from nine at the least and 23 at the most.

On a monthly basis, the daily average number of shootings in these four counties peaked in June 2022.

There were an average of 19 shootings per day last June. In December, that had fallen to an average of 13 shootings per day.