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DENVER (KDVR) — New COVID boosters brought out vaccine-seekers in numbers Colorado hasn’t seen in months.

With the arrival of new bivalent booster shots that target omicron subvariants of COVID-19, Colorado revived nearly a dozen community vaccination sites from the Front Range to the Western Slope. The new booster is calibrated to the dominant omicron strain.

The booster’s rollout has gone well.

The state’s records say health professionals administered 12,000 vaccines on Sept. 9.

This is a massive uptick in vaccinations. There have not been so many daily vaccinations since early June. Daily vaccinations had not been regularly above 12,000 per day since last year.

Colorado had one of the nation’s highest rates of vaccination through much of the pandemic, but this is no longer the case. Its rates are still above average among U.S. states, but only slightly.

Colorado ranks 20th in the U.S. for its percentage of the population with at least one vaccine dose, with 81.4%. It ranks slightly higher at 17th in the nation for the share of its population who have been fully vaccinated.