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DENVER (KDVR) — Americans are losing faith in U.S. institutions across the board, though they don’t agree on what is least trustworthy.

The American public’s faith in U.S. institutions hit an all-time low this June, according to the most recent Gallup polling data taken in the month of June. Only 27% said they had either a great deal or quite a lot of trust in 16 cultural, commercial and political institutions.

Levels of trust vary widely between Democrats, Republicans and independents depending on the institution. Democrats tend to have much more confidence in media, the presidency, public schools and organized labor. Republicans have more confidence in police, religion and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Congress, television news and big business have the lowest levels of trust. Only 7% of Americans have a great deal or quite a bit of trust in the nation’s legislature, the lowest confidence of any institution. Only 14% have high trust in big business, the same as trust in the criminal justice system.

Media are among the least-trusted. Only 11% of Americans have high trust levels in television news, and only 16% have high trust in newspapers.

Only 23% said they have high trust in the presidency, the lowest on record.

Only two institutions have a majority of Americans’ trust. Small businesses are the most trusted institution, with 68% of the country saying they have a high level of confidence. The military is second with 64%, and police are third with 45%.

Political party affiliation changes which institutions are most and least trusted.

Democrats and Republicans have similar trust levels in some cases. The portion of both parties who have high levels of trust in small business, the military and banks is largely the same.

Democrats and Republicans have wildly different trust levels for other institutions.

Sixty-seven percent of Republicans have high trust for police, while only 28% of Democrats do. Republicans also trust the Supreme Court more with 39% compared to only 13% of Democrats.

Meanwhile, 51% of Democrats have high confidence in the presidency while only 2% of Republicans do. Media has the same split. Thirty-five percent of Democrats have high trust in newspapers compared to 5% of Republicans, and 20% of Democrats trust television news compared to 8% of Republicans.