DENVER (KDVR) — Threats of a planned school attack are common during the average Colorado school year. Loveland alone had seven just last week.

The Thompson School District confirmed that more than a dozen teachers left campus during a shooting threat at Loveland High School on March 29. A district spokesperson said 14 teachers “departed the Loveland High School campus” while school was still in session following a Safe2Tell tip about a planned shooting at the school.

In a press release, the Loveland Police Department said district schools had received at least seven such threats since March 29. Those include:

• Two threats received on March 29 against Loveland High School and Lucille Erwin Middle School were deemed not credible
• One threat received on March 30 against Bill Reed Middle School was deemed not credible. The LPD SRO determined it to be a student who made the false threat. The school and LPD SRO are handling this incident.
• Two threats received on March 30 and claimed actions on March 31 against Mountain View High School and Loveland High School are being investigated. LPD is working with school officials to follow school protocols. Extra patrols and police presence were at both schools.
• Two threats received on March 31 against Loveland Classical Elementary and Lucille Erwin Middle School directly referenced the threats discussed regarding LGBTQ+ students targeting Christian schools. These threats referenced the video put out by Resurrection Christian School where the superintendent mentioned they know of “no threats made to the school.” The school decided to close out of “an abundance of caution.”

Such threats are not uncommon in Colorado.

According to Safe2Tell records, Colorado schools receive dozens of tips about school attacks on any given month during a school year.

Before the COVID pandemic, there were 102 tips about a planned school attack in May 2019 alone. During the last school year available, 2021-22, there were 273 total tips including 82 in the month of December alone.