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DENVER (KDVR) — Some of Denver’s neighborhoods are simply too tightly packed with marijuana.

A release from Denver’s Department of Excise and Licenses shows which city neighborhoods are too full of marijuana businesses.

Denver’s marijuana licensing program has tried to protect the areas with the heaviest concentration of marijuana stores and cultivation facilities from oversaturation and publishes a new list yearly.

The list counts which neighborhoods have reached maximum capacity for both retail stores and cultivation facilities. No new stores or cultivation centers can open in these neighborhoods or transfer into them while their names are on the list.

The neighborhoods with undue concentration for stores includes:

  • Overland: 13 locations
  • Northeast Park Hill: 11 locations
  • Baker: 10 locations
  • Five Points: 10 locations
  • Montbello: 8 locations
  • Valverde: 8 locations

Last year, the Elyria Swansea neighborhood was on the list.

The neighborhoods with undue concentration for cultivation facilities include:

  • Northeast Park Hill: 29 locations
  • Montbello: 27 locations
  • Elyria Swansea: 22 locations
  • Overland: 17 locations
  • College View-South Platte: 14 locations

The oversaturation in certain neighborhoods reflects zoning laws for marijuana businesses.

While most neighborhoods allow for retail stores, cultivation facilities need industrial zoning in some cases. Each of the neighborhoods overstuffed with marijuana cultivation facilities is located either along the Interstate 70 corridor, north of downtown or in southwest Denver.