DENVER (KDVR) — A property owner can make the equivalent of a healthy yearly salary with a short-term rental in Colorado.

Cabins fetch high prices as short-term rentals on sites such as Airbnb or VRBO, according to a release of revenue projections from AirDNA which collects short-term rental data. In 25 areas, a cabin has the potential to bring in at least $64,000 a year.

The state’s median household income was just over $80,000 in 2021. On average, Colorado cabins can make around $75,000 a year – a literal household’s worth of income for a short-term rental owner.

Four of these locations are in Colorado including Breckenridge, the Rocky Mountain National Park area, Denver and the Colorado high country.

A Breckenridge cabin has the annual potential to make $87,534 a year, considering an occupancy rate of 67% and an average daily rental rate of $422. A Rocky Mountain National Park area cabin can make up to $75,003 a year, a Denver cabin $72,347 a year, and a mountain area cabin $64,198 a year.

Almost all the areas with the potential to make a salary’s worth of short-term rent are in the western U.S. A Provo or Orem, Utah cabin has the potential to make as much as $110,595 a year.