DENVER (KDVR) — More and more Coloradans are being hospitalized because of COVID.

COVID cases and hospitalizations have stalled at the highest points since the beginning of the year, driven by new sub-variants of the omicron strain that propelled cases and hospitalizations last winter.

The state tracks how many people land in hospitals specifically for having COVID rather than entering hospitals for other reasons and simply testing positive for COVID when admitted.

As of the first week of July, four in five of Colorado’s hospitalized COVID patients are there for COVID specifically, rather than with what are called incidental cases.

The percentage of Coloradans hospitalized for COVID has been rising since early spring.

In March, the percentage of patients hospitalized for COVID was at a low point. In the week of March 28, only 59% of admitted COVID patients were in hospitals because of COVID.

During the last week of June, 80% were admitted for COVID. This matched the percentage of early January when the state was coming out of the omicron variant wave that created record numbers of cases.

Overall hospital admissions for patients who test positive for COVID have ebbed and flowed since late May, when they peaked at 112 per day. There were an average of 87 patients admitted per day on July 5, up from 81 a day in late June.

This is still well below the 350 patients-per-day average that was recorded in January.