DENVER (KDVR) — The current influx of migrants into Denver shelters could cost the city of Denver around $40 million this year, according to estimates in a new report.

Colorado’s Common Sense Institute is a public policy nonprofit that examines Colorado issues through a free-market lens.

The institute released an analysis of the current surge of migrants into Denver from the southwestern border. City and non-city shelters were housing 1,347 migrants as of May 15, according to the city’s dashboard. The recent uptick in migrant arrivals corresponds to the end of a federal asylum restriction known as Title 42.

CSI estimates the city’s total costs have grown to just under $20 million over the last two weeks.

“CSI estimates that the 12-day surge in migrants between May 4th and May 15th will bring the total current cost to the City of Denver between $18.2 and $19.2 million,” the report reads. “This cost will grow, as Denver continues to provide services to new immigrants arriving daily. These costs do not include the many private contributions made to support the incoming migrants, or the in-kind contributions of food, water and other provisions from local non-profits.”

Analysts estimate that every 100 new migrants costs between $160,000 and $200,000 in total. The report estimates that the city’s expenses will continue through the year.

“The City of Denver could spend upwards of an additional $18 million to $23 million for the remainder of 2023, if the number of migrants averages 50 individuals per day for the rest of the year,” the report reads. “This would bring the total expense to the city between $36.6 million and $42.2 million.”