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DENVER (KDVR) — Elon Musk’s new ownership of Twitter raises questions about whether he will minimize or intensify political division.

Redact, a service for deleting social media history, surveyed 5,502 social media users “to find out whether they knowingly post polarizing content about politics with the explicit intention to incite a reaction from other users with opposing views.”

Among U.S. states, 19 report Democrats as more likely to be political instigators on social media, 18 report independent voters more likely and 12 report Republicans more likely. In Utah, Republicans and Democrats were equally likely to post politically provocative content.

Colorado is one of the states where Democrats are more likely to stoke the flames.

In the Mountain West, independent voters and Democrats are most likely to poke the bear on social media. Nevada is the only outlier where Republicans are more likely.

Neither party’s voters are more or less likely to go against the grain in their states. Republicans are about as likely to be social media instigators in red states as they are in blue states, as are independents and Democrats.

The most likely scenario, though, is Democrats picking political fights in red states.

The FOX31 Data Desk compared the Redact survey to a political map of each state’s last four presidential votes.

In ten Republican states, Democrats were the most likely social media instigators. Independents were the most likely in nine Democratic states.

Democrats were slightly more likely to be social media instigators in their own states than were Republicans. In eight Democratic states, Democrats were the most likely to instigate.