DENVER (KDVR) — A family of four will spend an average amount to attend a Colorado Rockies game compared to other cities with MLB teams, thanks in part to Coors Field having the nation’s cheapest beer.

A Rockies game will cost $140 for a family of four, according to an analysis of MLB attendance prices by sports betting site This included four of the cheapest available tickets, parking, two pints of beer, two 20-ounce sodas, and four ballpark hotdogs.

That means Colorado baseball fans pay almost dead-on average. Among the cities with teams, a family game costs an average of $146.

Games are most expensive in Boston where a Red Sox game will cost $235. A Los Angeles Dodgers game costs a little less at $230 and a Seattle Mariners game at $227.

A Colorado Rockies game’s biggest expense is the tickets themselves. At their cheapest, four tickets will cost $81.60. Four hotdogs will cost the next most at $23 for a set. Parking will cost $17.

In true Colorado fashion, beer will cost less than a soft drink. Two 20-ounce sodas will cost $10, while two pints of beer cost a total of $8 – the single lowest price tag for a Rockies game and the cheapest in the nation. Two pints of beer costs exactly twice as much nationally, on average.