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DENVER (KDVR) — It’s not quite as tight as New York or California cities, but $1,500 doesn’t get you much living space in Denver.

Using Yardi Matrix data, RentCafe analyzed square footage rental costs in the 100 largest cities in the U.S. to see how much $1,500 will rent. Nationally, $1,500 a month will rent about 782 square feet of living space. Over half (56%) of the 200 largest cities offer more than the national average of square footage, but Denver isn’t one of them.

In Denver, a $1,500 rent budget can afford about 646 square feet. This is the 75th smallest rental size for the price in the U.S. among 100 cities, about equal to Austin or Philadelphia.

At opposite ends of the spectrum are New York City, where $1,500 will get 243 square feet of living space, and Wichita, Kansas, in which the same budget gets 1,463 square feet.

Colorado renters can get more space by simply not living in Denver proper.

Each of the major Front Range cities offers more square footage on a modest rent budget.

  • Colorado Springs - 826 square feet
  • Fort Collins - 774 square feet
  • Aurora - 742 square feet
  • Thornton - 728 square feet
  • Lakewood - 708 square feet

So if you want more room, you'll have to move outside the Mile High City.