Hospital admissions, COVID cases tick slightly down ahead of Thanksgiving

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DENVER (KDVR) — Trends are still premature, but pre-Thanksgiving COVID numbers look somewhat improved from recent weeks.

Some key COVID metrics have been trending down in the last week. Though hospitals are fearing a Thanksgiving surge and rates have been rising for months, both the average number of new cases and new hospitalizations have been going down.

On Nov. 9, there were over 3,200 new cases per day in Colorado. By Nov. 17, that had dropped to less than 3,100.

Cases may be leveling downward in the short term, but it wouldn’t be the first time they have done so. Case rates have crested and fallen several times throughout September and October, including a downward tick following Halloween.

New hospital admissions offer a clearer and more dramatic pattern.

On Nov. 12, there were an average 216 new COVID hospital admissions per day. A week later on Nov. 19, that had fallen to 170 – a 21% decrease.

As with cases, these kinds of weeklong dips in new hospital admissions have happened before. There was a 23% drop in COVID admissions at the end of August.

Still, the link between cases and hospitalization bode well.

The dip in hospital admissions came at a time when cases were rising, not falling as they are now.

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