DENVER (KDVR) — Weapons charges are not uncommon at Denver’s largest high schools.

Two adult faculty members at Denver East High School were shot Wednesday morning while searching a student who attended the school.

According to Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas, the student, who is younger than 18, was being searched as part of a safety plan. A source with connections to the district told FOX31 this safety plan was in effect because the student had previously been expelled from another district for weapons. FOX31 is working to confirm this information with additional sources.

Denver Police Department records show 51 weapons charges at the addresses of Denver’s 10 largest high schools. These range from simple possession of a prohibited weapon to firing a weapon into an occupied vehicle. Carrying a prohibited weapon is the most common, followed by felony menacing with a weapon. These records began in 2018.

Across all crime types, simple assault is the most common with 154 charges. Public fighting is the second most common with 80.

Other violent crimes at these 10 schools include threats to injure, robbery, and 14 incidents of aggravated assault.