DENVER (KDVR) — Denver is lagging behind the national average when it comes to newly built homes on the housing market.

According to a Redfin report, a record share of the U.S. housing market is comprised of newly built homes responding to a surge in demand in the early 2020s. These homes are the only thing keeping the market above water.

“Newly built homes made up nearly one-third (31.4%) of U.S. single-family homes on the market in the second quarter,” reads the report. “That’s the highest share of any second quarter on record, with new construction keeping the housing market afloat amid the severe shortage of existing homes for sale.”

In Denver, though, only 19.1% of homes on the market are new builds. This isn’t the lowest share, but it still lags behind the national average of 31.4%.

In contrast, other cities have as much as half their housing markets comprised of newly built homes. In El Paso, Texas, 52% of homes are newly built. In Omaha, Nebraska, 46% are newly built and in Raleigh, North Carolina 42% are.

On the other hand, only one in every 35 homes (2.8%) are newly built in Honolulu’s housing market. Similarly, San Diego, Pittsburgh and Detroit have low shares of new builds in their markets.