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DENVER (KDVR) — Monday’s shooting ended a violent year for Colorado, both in overall crime rates and mass killings.

The shooting spree was the 10th-most lethal of the year nationwide, according to Gun Violence Archive.

Six people were killed Monday night by a man who went on a shooting spree across Denver and Lakewood before police shot and killed him. Three others, including a Lakewood police officer, were wounded.

Mass shootings are defined as instances of a single shooter killing or wounding four or more people.

Of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in 2021, three were in Colorado, including the year’s deadliest.

In addition to the shooting on Dec. 27, there was the Colorado Springs shooting on May 11 that claimed seven dead and the King Soopers shooting in Boulder that killed 10. The King Soopers shooting is tied for the year’s deadliest with a June 2 shooting in San Jose, Calif., that also left 10 dead.

In all, Colorado saw 13 mass shootings throughout 2021.

Colorado has the 20th-highest total of mass shootings among U.S. states; Illinois, California and Texas top the list.