DENVER (KDVR) — As other states continue legalizing recreational marijuana, Colorado continues to claim its spot as pot capital.

Real Estate Witch analyzed 50 cities’ legal marijuana status, the price of an ounce of marijuana, the percentage of income spent on it, the number of dispensaries and the number of Taco Bells per capita.

Maybe to no surprise, Denver ranks first.

Only two cities – Portland and Sacramento – have cheaper marijuana than Denver.

Only four cities’ residents spend a smaller percentage of their income on marijuana: San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle and Sacramento. Denver and the other cities in question, however, may not be the best gauge considering they also have some of the nation’s highest pay scales.

With 9.8 dispensaries for every 100,000 residents, Colorado has the highest concentration of places to buy.

Denver’s health conscientiousness alone kept it from scoring even higher on the scale. It ranks a lowly 15th among cities for the number of Taco Bells per capita.