DENVER (KDVR) — Not only does Colorado have one of the NBA’s best teams but one of the league’s smartest fanbases.

The NBA Finals are set, and the Denver Nuggets will face the Miami Heat at home in the Mile High City for Game 1. The Heat won the Eastern Conference title after starting with a 3-0 lead and faltering three games versus the Boston Celtics before finally claiming the victory in Game 7.

Gaming site crunched the education levels for the fans in each of the U.S. and Canadian cities that host an NBA team. Looking at the Instagram followers for each team, the analysis includes the share of each fanbase with no education or primary, secondary and post-secondary education, and how many go to work after different education levels. Each percentage was aggregated into an overall score.

Nuggets fans rank third in the nation for educational attainment among NBA fanbases. The Toronto Raptors have the highest, while the Dallas Mavericks have the second highest.

Miami Heat fans, however, have the nation’s most average intelligence. On average, their overall index score is 8.1.

At the bottom of the list are the fanbases for the Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers.