DENVER (KDVR) — Denver is one of the nation’s workaholic capitals, according to a new report.

Finance analytics firm FinanceBuzz examined which of the nation’s cities are the most overworked. The analysis included:

  • Average number of hours worked per week
  • Average commute time
  • Percentage of households where two or more people have jobs
  • Percentage of workers that work 50 or more weeks per year
  • Percentage of active workers that are aged 65 or older
  • Percentage of workers in each city’s state who have two or more jobs
  • Percentage of workers with a side hustle

Denver ranks as the second most overworked city in the U.S., eclipsed only by the workaholics in Washington, D.C – and only that by a hair.

Washington, D.C. had a final score of 81.1, while Denver’s final score was 80.6. In short, workers in Denver have more jobs, take less time off and work longer into their lives than most places.

Denver workers take less time off than anywhere else in the country. The city has the highest share of workers who work 50 or more weeks out of the year.

Denverites also lean on multiple incomes more than most places. The city has the fifth-highest share of households with dual incomes, the third-highest share of workers with two jobs and the third-highest share of workers with a side hustle that brings in extra income.

Denverites also work farther into their lives than those in other cities, with the fifth-highest share of older adult workers.