DENVER (KDVR) — Denver has some of the most eco-friendly offices in the country, despite having lackluster amount of walkers, bicyclists and public transit commuters.

Commercial real estate analysts 42Floors have analyzed the office space design, energy policies, CO2 emissions, commuting patterns and electric vehicle infrastructure of 65 U.S. cities. The goal was to find which has the most eco-friendly office environment.

The study used eight metrics overall. These include Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications, Energy Star certified buildings per capita, ACEEE scores, the share of buildings with wood and glass facades, the share of commuters who use their feet or public transit, the number of EV charging stations per capita and commercial CO2 emissions.

Denver ranks eighth in the U.S., with a total office eco-friendliness score between that of Seattle’s and Chicago’s. Washington, D.C.’s ranks highest along with San Francisco and Atlanta.

Denver ranks highly for the shares of its office space that has LEED, Energy Star or ACEEE certifications.

It ranks lowly, however, for a few other metrics. It has one of the lowest shares of buildings with wood and glass facades and scores among the lowest for office building carbon emissions. It is middling in other metrics, including shares of green commuters and the number of EV charging stations.