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DENVER (KDVR) — Summer is around the corner, and Denver has more space than most to host the hordes of adventure seekers flocking to the Rockies.

Denver has one of the nation’s highest rates of Airbnb listings, according to an analysis by policy firm Chamber of Commerce. As the gateway to mountain towns and summer outdoor opportunities, Colorado ranks highly on summer vacation lists.

Denver ranks 17th among 115 U.S. cities examined, with 445 Airbnb rental listings per every 100,000 people. Colorado Springs ranks 25th, with 337 listings per 100,000. Aurora, meanwhile, ranks one of the lowest on the list, with only 85.

Predictably, beach-adjacent hot spots have several times the Airbnb concentrations that Colorado cities do.

No city has more than Miami, with 1,478 listings per 100,000 – or one Airbnb listing per every 68 people.

Unlike coastal vacation spots that cost close to $300 a day, however, Colorado cities’ Airbnb rentals are average-priced. In Denver, the average Airbnb daily rental rate for all sizes is $172. In Colorado, the average rate is $179.

Partly, Denver’s concentration of listings reflects, in part, its apartment offerings.

Airbnb has partnered with some Denver-area landlord companies to offer “Airbnb-friendly” apartments, where renters are encouraged to make money sharing their spaces. Denver is one of 29 metro areas with Airbnb-friendly apartments listed on the popular short-term lodging service, which announced the new initiative last week.