DENVER (KDVR) — Football season is around the corner, and Denver Broncos fans now have the proof that their team is a stressful one to follow.

According to an analysis by sports betting site OLBG, the Denver Broncos are the most stressful team to follow in the NFL.

The study reviewed each team’s losses, win percentage, penalties and penalty yards, fumbles, interceptions, average margin of victory, angry reactions to news articles and team injuries. Each stat was compiled into an overall “stress score” ranging from one to 10.

The Broncos have the league’s highest stress score – 7.96 overall after finishing last in the AFC last season with only five wins in 17 games.

The Broncos consistently had some of the worst stats in the league. The team has the second most penalties, the highest number of penalty yards, the second-highest number of interceptions, the third-highest number of angry reactions to news articles and the second-highest number of injuries.

The team is followed by the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans, two other teams with underwhelming win percentages in the last season.

The Denver Broncos didn’t perform quite as bad as some of the other most stressful teams in a few respects. They lost their games by an average of 4.2 points through the last season, which is half as much as for the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears.