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DENVER (KDVR) — Very little seems to sour homebuyers in the Denver metro area.

The Front Range housing market has been characterized by limited supply, limited development and stratospheric prices for the better part of three years. Denver area homes are the nation’s eighth most expensive, according to the March market report from, which compares real estate markets across the 50 largest metro areas in the U.S.

The median listing price in March was $655,000. This would require a roughly $200,000 household income, assuming current interest rates, a 30-year mortgage and a 20% down payment. This is the household income threshold for the top 10% of American households, according to the World Economic Forum.

That top 10% is still snapping up homes around the Denver metro faster than almost anywhere in the U.S.

A Denver area home sat on the market for 28 days before it sold in March, according to the report. Homes sell quicker in only two metro areas: San Jose, California, and Rochester, New York.

On average, U.S. homes sit on the market for almost twice as long as in the Denver metro, 46 days in total.

Partially, this is because the Denver metro’s home prices are one of the only markets where homes have dropped in price since last year.

Last spring was a banner season for the Denver area real estate market. Prices were at a nearly historic high on the tail-end of a yearlong homebuying bonanza.

Since last March, Denver metro home prices have dropped 1.2%. Price only went down in nine of the 50 metros in’s report, including Austin, Las Vegas and New Orleans.