DENVER (KDVR) — Denver is among the best cities in the country for recent college graduates, according to a new study.

Apartment Advisor ranked the largest 84 U.S. cities by their respective economics, desirability and rent prices. Economic factors included education, income levels, employment and cost of living. Desirability included the proportion of young people, walkability, and the density of nightlife. The lower the average weighted score of all factors, the higher the city ranked.

Denver ranked seventh among the largest metros with a total score of 29.7.

Denver is famously expensive with a median one-bedroom rent of $1,700 per month, which is the nation’s eleventh highest. However, it also has a relatively high median income and a high density of both young people and nightlife – particularly breweries.

Denver was beaten by Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis and Madison, Wisconsin – cities as desirable and high-earning as Denver but, in some cases, with cheaper costs of living.

At the low end of the list are Columbus; Stockton, California; Detroit; Shreveport, Louisiana and Cape Coral, Florida. These cities ranked lowly on both the economic and desirability scales with low median wages, relatively poor employment outlooks and lower densities of young people and nightlife.