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DENVER (KDVR) — Cashflow may have something to do with Colorado’s growth into a blue state.

Colorado’s federal Democratic Party candidates have significantly outpaced their Republican opponents in raising and spending money beginning in 2008. Before then, Democratic and Republican candidates raised and spent money at roughly equal levels.

Federal Election Commission records show Democratic Party candidates’ campaigns taking in 69% more in contributions over the last 11 elections.

Between 2000 and the currently available 2022 figures, Republicans raised $193 million in campaign contributions. In the same period, Democrats raised $281 million.

Third parties raised small amounts, by comparison, barely raking in $1 million among them over the last 20 years. Libertarian candidates raised $170,108, while other minor parties raised $892,123.

Democrats also outspent Republicans. GOP candidates spent a combined $185 million of campaign funds, while Democrats spent $261 million.

Democrats have raised and spent more in most of the last 11 elections, notably since 2008.

Only in four elections have Republicans raised more money: 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2012. Since 2008, only in 2012 did Republicans raise more. The same pattern is held in campaign spending.

This tracks roughly with Colorado’s politics. State party control shifted from a Republican majority to a Democratic majority beginning in 2005. A similar swing in the state’s Congressional delegation took place in the late 2000s.