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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado’s COVID-19 cases are on an upswing in sync with the U.S.

President Joe Biden warned the country Thursday not to grow numb to COVID-19 as the nation officially passed 1 million deaths. The nation’s daily caseload has more than tripled to 78,000 daily cases after bottoming out in late March at an average of 25,000 cases per day.

The U.S. COVID trajectory is unique. In a report, the World Health Organization said there were only two regions where reported COVID-19 infections increased: the Americas, by 14%, and Africa, by 12%. Cases remained stable in the Western Pacific and fell everywhere else, the agency said.

Colorado’s caseload is following the national trend. The state reported an average of 1,068 daily cases on May 9, up from a low of 300 on March 26.

The number of deaths has stayed mostly level over the same period, rising from 1.5 a day to 2. Hospitalizations are rising more quickly, although they remain low relative to most pandemic periods.

There are currently 116 COVID-positive patients in Colorado hospitals, up from a pandemic low of 77 in mid-April.

Nearly three times as many COVID-positive patients are entering hospitals now. There were 39 such hospital admissions on May 8, up from 15 in early April.