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DENVER (KDVR) — Learning loss is affecting Colorado’s girls more than its boys.

The Colorado Department of Education released the results of the academic tests known as CMAS for 2022, along with PSAT and SAT data. The state halted these tests in 2020, and participation was limited last year. This year’s data shows a largescale return to pre-pandemic participation rates, but also that test performance has continued to lag this year.

Statewide, each elementary grade level scored lower on average in 2022 than in 2019. Girls show learning loss more than boys.

The percentage of students who met or exceeded expectations dropped in 2022 from the 2019 testing averages. There were 3% eighth graders, 4.7% fewer seventh graders, 0.6% fewer sixth graders and 3% fewer fifth graders who met or exceeded English language and arts expectations this year than in 2019.

Spanish-speaking students fared worse than English-speaking students in language. There were 7.7% fewer Spanish-speaking third graders who met or exceeded English language and arts standards, and 5.4% fewer Spanish-speaking fourth graders.

Scores dropped in mathematics as well.

In all grade levels, and in both ESL and mathematics, girls in grades 3-8 are seeing more learning loss than boys.

On average, males across all grades saw 2.2% fewer who met or exceeded standards this year. Several grade levels actually saw an increase in performance. English-speaking third grade boys had a 0.1% increase in performance, and sixth grade boys had a 0.9% increase. Fifth grade boys increased performance by 0.8% in mathematics.

Girls had a deeper learning loss.

On average, there were 5% fewer girls who met or exceeded expectations this year than in 2019. Unlike boys, no grade level experienced an increase in performance.