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DENVER (KDVR) — Voter rolls in Colorado are still bluish, but red has been making gains this year.

The Associated Press reported this week that more than one million registered Democrats have jumped to the Republican Party in the last year. The AP did not include its raw data, but Colorado voter registration statistics confirm the GOP is making gains in the Centennial State.

Neither party has added voters since the November 2020 election. Democrats lost 174,444 from then to June 1, and Republicans lost 181,990. However, Republicans have been adding more voters in 2022.

Since January, the Republican Party has gained 2,533 voters. The Democratic Party, meanwhile, has continued losing voters. It had 2,091 fewer in June than in January.

The GOP has been making more gains with non-partisan voters as well. Nearly half of Colorado’s registered voters are unaffiliated, while the Democratic Party and the GOP each represent a quarter of the electorate.

While unaffiliated voters tend to lean leftward, they have become more Republican this year.

Most unaffiliated voters do not list a party preference. The percentage of those who do, however, has grown since the 2020 presidential election.

In November 2020, 31% of unaffiliated voters expressed a party preference for the Republican Party. It has narrowed since then. This June, 38% of unaffiliated voters preferred the GOP. While the Democratic Party gained 3,500 preferences since January, the GOP gained more than 5,000.