DENVER (KDVR) — Coloradans are leaning more and more on credit to get by.

Analysts from the financial advisor website UpgradedPoints ranked each U.S. state based on the share of its adults who reported using credit cards for expenses in the U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey. The analysis included the share of adults who reported difficulty covering expenses on their regular wages, as well.

Coloradans appear to be more willing to put expenses on credit despite needing to less than the residents of other states.

Colorado ranks No. 10 for the share of adults using credit cards for necessities. About 39.5% of Coloradans say they need to.

Expensive states in the Northeast dominate the top of the list. In Connecticut, 42.5% of adults say they get by on credit, followed by Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire and Delaware.

Coloradans have an easier time, however, covering expenses in the first place. About 65% of Coloradans say they have a hard time making ends meet, which is the 12th-lowest share in the nation.

The report acknowledges that people are less likely to lean on credit in lower-cost areas, regardless of how many are having trouble.

“Cost of living may have a major influence when it comes to dependence on credit cards to meet spending needs,” the report reads. “Geographically, expensive areas in the Northeast tend to have larger shares of adults that rely on credit cards to cover expenses, while some states in the Mountain West and South utilize credit cards in lower numbers.”