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DENVER (KDVR Data Desk) — Most Coloradans were not born and bred in the Centennial State.

Recent moving company data suggests more people moved out of Colorado than into it in 2021. State demographers and the U.S. Census Bureau had pointed to a marked slowdown in the number of people moving into the state in 2020.

Migration into and away from Colorado is par for the course. Colorado is one of the states with the lowest share of the population born in the state itself, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures.

Colorado has the fifth-lowest share in the country of residents who were born in-state. Only 42% of Colorado residents, or 2.4 million, were actually born in Colorado.

Only New Hampshire, Arizona, Florida and Nevada have lower shares of locally born residents. Nevada is the lowest – only one in four Nevadans were actually born there. Louisiana, Michigan and Ohio, in contrast, have the nation’s highest shares of locally-born residents.

The majority of Coloradans born out of state come from just seven places.

One in 10 Coloradans were born in a foreign country.

Of the Coloradans born in another state, the biggest share comes from California. People born in California are about 6% of Colorado’s population. Texas and Illinois come next, then New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania. About half of Colorado is either foreign-born or comes from one of those states.