DENVER (KDVR) — Two Front Range cities are at the top of the national list for the best markets for making a home a lifelong asset.

Financial adviser SmartAsset released a list of the 20 best and 20 worst metro areas in the nation for growing a home’s value and keeping it high. Analysts compared home value data across 400 metro areas in the U.S. between 1998 and 2022.

Cities in Texas and the western U.S. ranked highly, while cities in Midwest fared worse. Colorado’s Boulder and Fort Collins were among the best.

Boulder had the nation’s third-highest ranking for home growth and stability. Since 1998, Boulder area home prices have risen 256.48%, while only losing 1.04% of their value, which is a metric tied to inflation.

Fort Collins had the same tremendous growth in prices, ranking fourth in the nation. Its home prices grew 224.17% since 1998, losing only 2.08% of their value.

Austin and Midland Texas claimed the top two spots on the list. Twelve of the top 20 metros for home growth and stability are located in Texas.

The Great Lakes area was less fortunate in the last 25 years.

Flint, Michigan had the worst home growth and stability, with prices growing only 71.74% since 1998 and losing 46.88% of their value at the same time. Eight of the 20 worst markets were in Michigan, while five were in Ohio.