DENVER (KDVR) — St. Paddy’s Day is a mixed bag for Colorado, at least where the nation’s two biggest pots of gold are concerned.

You may feel lucky to live in Colorado’s beautiful weather, near its mountains and trails, and around its amenities-packed cities. There are good reasons why three-quarters of a million people poured into the state over the last 20 years.

Colorado doesn’t make the nation’s list of luckiest states for the lottery, however.

According to gaming analysts, the Centennial State doesn’t crack the most frequent winners of the Powerball or Mega Millions lotteries.

Nobody from Colorado has ever won a Mega Millions jackpot. The state is luckier when it comes to Powerball jackpots with three winners through the lottery’s history – still one of the lowest numbers among U.S. states.

  • California – 27 jackpot wins
  • New York – 22 jackpot wins
  • New Jersey – 19 jackpot wins
  • Florida – 14 jackpot wins
  • Illinois – 9 jackpot wins
  • Michigan – 9 jackpot wins
  • Pennsylvania – 8 jackpot wins
  • Tennessee – 8 jackpot wins
  • Missouri -7 jackpot wins
  • Texas -7 jackpot wins
  • Georgia – 6 jackpot wins
  • Arizona – 5 jackpot wins
  • Maryland – 5 jackpot wins
  • Ohio – 5 jackpot wins
  • Wisconsin – 5 jackpot wins
  • Massachusetts – 4 jackpot wins

On the other hand, Colorado is not the state with the worst jackpot luck.

Some states have not had a single jackpot winner in the last decade, including Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming.