DENVER (KDVR) — The Uvalde elementary school shooting brings up bad memories for a state with a history of high-profile massacres. Colorado’s Columbine High School massacre, sadly, is far from the only school shooting in the state’s history, though it was the most lethal.

There have been 28 school shootings in Colorado schools since 1970 according to a database compiled by the Naval Postgraduate School. These include any shots fired on school grounds, regardless of motive.

More than half of the 79 total victims were from the Columbine High School and STEM School Highlands Ranch shootings.

There have been 23 fatalities in all, 13 of which happened in the Columbine shooting. The STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting claimed the second-most victims with eight injured and one fatality. The Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy shooting claimed two lives.

Not all school shootings are indiscriminate massacres such as Columbine or STEM School Highlands Ranch incidents. The Naval Postgraduate School groups school shootings into several categories.

It’s more common for school shootings to be escalations of existing disputes that either originate in the school or carry into the school. Of the 28 Colorado school shootings, 10 were escalations of a dispute.

Four were indiscriminate shootings as in Columbine.