DENVER (KDVR) — Apart from having clocked record profits during the COVID pandemic, Colorado’s hospitals are also bouncing back faster than the rest of the country in terms of staffing.

Insurance analyst, Quotewizard, found only 2% of Colorado’s hospitals are now experiencing a staffing shortage according to Kaiser Permanente data — a major turnaround from January, when a majority of hospitals said they were overburdened and short on staff. State data, meanwhile, shows Colorado hospitals are more burdened.

At 2%, Colorado has the nation’s most well-staffed hospitals following the COVID pandemic’s turbulence, having recovered at one of the quicker rates.

Hospitals in some states, notably Vermont, West Virginia and Tennessee, are still hovering between 40% and 50% short-staffed.

Colorado also has one of the lowest ICU bed use rates in the nation at 63% — the eighth-lowest. This is an 18% increase in ICU capacity, which is faster than the national average.

State figures, however, show hospitals continue having problems with staffing. According to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment figures, 37% of the state’s hospitals expect staffing shortages within the next week.