DENVER (KDVR) — Most people like to think drivers are worst in their own states. In Colorado, there is a mounting supply of proof.

Colorado has problems both with aggressive driving and flat-out incompetent driving, according to recent survey reports and analysis from the Colorado State Patrol. In 2021, crashes related to lane violations have spiked.

Traffic deaths in Colorado reached a 20-year record in 2021. State troopers have been reporting poor driving habits that increased during the COVID pandemic, including road rage and extreme speeding.

New analysis of crashes confirms that Colorado’s drivers have also simply gotten worse at driving in the last two years.

Law enforcement says Coloradans have forgotten how to stay inside the road’s painted lines, either crossing over the center line or off the roadside.

Colorado State Patrol’s analysis of crashes saw a swell in the number of crashes caused by drivers failing to stay centered in their own lane. There were 30.6% more injury crashes caused by lane violations in 2021 than there were in 2020, and 74% more fatal crashes caused by lane violations.

Troopers say El Paso, Douglas, Boulder, Mesa and Jefferson counties had the most of these lane violation-related crash deaths.

This failure to drive well in the most basic way has another side effect – confrontation.

According to a Forbes Advisory survey, Colorado drivers are the nation’s third most confrontational.

The survey took several measurements into account, including how many drivers have been followed by others who wanted to yell at them or fight them, how many have been insulted, threatened or subjected to insulting hand gestures, and how many know someone who has sustained injuries in a road rage incident.

Colorado ranked third for being followed, fourth for threats and insults, and tied for first for road rage injuries.